sprig5 (sprig5) wrote,

DePauw University Greek system scandal

This really bites that the college I went to gets in the New York Times for this, and not something good:


I was an "independent" when I was there. About 85% of the students were in fraternities or sororities, I think. And there were definite "types" in each house. I actually don't remember Delta Zeta at all. There were a few sorority women I met during my first year that I stayed in touch with, but overall I found the "Greek system" to be annoying and alien. However, I had a good group of friends and some really good professors as well. When I was there, DePauw liked to call itself "the Harvard of the midwest." I always felt that the calibre of the teaching was good, but the composition of the student body made that claim impossible and a bit pitiable.
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